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Services Providing the highest quality and safety possible

Advanced Life Support

County Ambulance Service has partnered with the City of Pittsfield since 1984 to provide 24 hour a day 911 coverage. We have also partnered with most of the Berkshire County Ambulance Services to provide backup and paramedic intercept services for those smaller communities needing assistance.

We provide advanced life support service (ALS) for both emergency and non-emergency transport service. Staffed by highly trained paramedics who apply these life saving skills on a daily basis. Some of the highlights of our ALS service include:

  • Lifepak 15 ECG monitor with 12-lead capabilities and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Newport HT70 and Zoll mechanical ventilators including BiPAP/CPAP capabilities.
  • ESO Solutions electronic health record equipped tablets in all of our units
  • Specialty Care Transport – Interfacility trained paramedics for high level capabilities for patients being transferred to a higher level of care

Basic Life Support

County Ambulance Service’s Basic Life Support (BLS) is for patients who require medical transportation and continuous medical supervision/monitoring. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who are trained to make treatment decisions and safely transport patients.

  • Patients not requiring cardiac monitoring
  • Discharge to home and/or skilled nursing facilities (i.e. nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities)
  • Psychiatric patients

Each ambulance carries Basic Life Support (BLS) medical supplies, including:

  • Glucometers
  • Defibrillators
  • Aspirin
  • EpiPens
  • Intranasal naloxone administration
  • Splints, bandages
  • Oxygen tanks and masks
  • Spinal immobilization equipment.


Bariatric SERVICE

County Ambulance Service’s bariatric unit is equipped to enable our company to safely, efficiently and respectfully transport patients who meet the definition of “bariatric”. Our staff received specialized training in handling these specialized patients utilizing a specially equipped bariatric ambulance.

Upon the features of this unit:

  • Stryker MX-Pro bariatric stretcher rated for up to 1600 pound capacity
  • Bariatric sized diagnostic equipment
  • Ramp and winch equipped for safe loading and unloading

Event Standbys

County Ambulance Service is the leader in preparing for and providing special event standby services. Developing partnerships for many years with many local, regional and federal partners to ensure a comprehensive plan for mass gathering events. Creating plans and addressing resources needs before special events helps alleviate stress during these events.

Experience includes:

  • Exclusive provider of medical coverage for the Boston Symphony Orchestra at their Tanglewood summer home
  • Exclusive provider of medical coverage at the Shrine of Divine Mercy for their large events such as Mercy Sunday
  • Proving medical coverage and medical command for the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade  since 1984